12 Months Bullet Journal Ideas – Never Run out of Inspirations

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12 Months Bullet Journal Ideas

Unleash your creativity with 12 months of bullet journal ideas! From January to December, you’ll never run out of inspiration. Learn how to plan, organize and decorate your bullet journal pages with our comprehensive guide. Get ready to boost your productivity, creativity and overall well-being.”


To kickstart January, let’s reflect on our personal growth and set meaningful New Year’s resolutions and goals. We can create fun spreads to track our progress and celebrate our accomplishments along the way. Winter is the perfect time to embrace the season and get creative with some winter-themed spreads, featuring elements such as snowflakes, hot cocoa, and other cozy, festive decor. Lastly, let’s make sure we’re on top of our finances by incorporating budget and finance tracking into our bujo. We can document our expenses and find creative ways to save money, helping us achieve financial stability in the coming year. 

  1. New Year’s Resolutions: Brainstorm and list your New Year’s resolutions for the upcoming year.
  2. New Year’s Resolutions Tracker: Track your New Year’s resolutions and the progress you make throughout the month.
  3. New Year, New You: Use a page to reflect on the person you would like to become in the new year and the steps you will take to become that person.
  4. Winter Wonderland Theme: Create a winter-themed page to add some festive cheer to your bullet journal. Use sketches of snowflakes, sleds, and hot cocoa mugs to add to the theme.
  5. January Mood Tracker: Keep track of your moods throughout the month and reflect on how they changed over time.


For Feburary, it’s time to celebrate all things love and self-care in our bujo! Let’s start by creating heart-warming love-themed spreads for Valentine’s Day, showcasing the special people and moments in our lives. And speaking of self-love, let’s dedicate some spreads to taking care of ourselves and embracing all that makes us unique. As we move through the month, let’s also pay tribute to the important figures and events of Black History Month, honoring and celebrating their contributions and achievements. 

  1. Valentine’s Memo: Create heart-themed spreads to celebrate Valentine’s Day.
  2. Love Memories Records: Create a “love” or “romance” tracker to document special moments with your significant other.
  3. Gratitude Log: Write February gratitude logs to reflect on all the things you’re thankful for.
  4. Winter weather-themed spreads: Doodle cute winter things such as a snowflake tracker or a snow scene illustration.
  5. February bucket list: Write done specific goals or activities to complete before the month is over.
  6. African American History Month Journal: Document the local celebration events you participated and honor important figures.


Let’s embrace the beginning of the season by including spring-themed elements such as flowers, greenery, and all the beauty that comes with it. And as we celebrate Women’s History Month, let’s honor and pay tribute to the important women figures and events that have shaped our world. With these personal and meaningful spreads, our bullet journal will be filled with inspiration, beauty, and a strong sense of appreciation for the women who have made an impact. 

  1. Planting Planner: Track the progress of new plants, such as indoor herb gardens, houseplants, or outdoor gardens.

  2. Spring Mood Board: Make a collage of inspiring images, colors, and patterns that represent the mood and aesthetic of spring.

  3. Bird Watching: Log the different bird species you spot during the spring season, accompanied by illustrations or sketches of the birds.

  4. Spring Fitness Goals: Track your progress towards fitness goals, including healthy habits such as exercise and diet, or a plan to complete a 5K race.

  5. Spring Recipes: List a collection of recipes for seasonal produce, like asparagus or strawberries.

  6. Spring Art: A page dedicated to practicing and displaying spring-themed drawings, doodles, or paintings. This could also include spring-themed coloring pages or adult coloring books.




Let’s start by celebrating Earth Day and spreading awareness about environmental conservation through our bullet journal. Then, as we approach Easter, let’s get festive with pastel colors, egg doodles, and all the symbols of this joyous holiday. And as tax season rolls around, let’s stay on top of our finances with helpful spreads to track our expenses and stay organized. 

  1. Spring Cleaning Tasks: Make a list of tasks to complete as part of your spring cleaning routine.
  2. Garden Planning: Create a spread for your garden or indoor plant planning and tracking.
  3. Easter Celebrations: Plan and track your Easter celebrations and events.
  4. Spring Fashion: Sketch and plan your spring fashion choices and outfits.
  5. Nature Walk: Take note of your favorite flowers and nature scenes during your spring walks and adventures.


It’s time to show some love and appreciation for the amazing mothers in May. First, let’s honor moms everywhere with special Mother’s Day spreads filled with personal tributes and memories. Then, let’s get festive for Cinco de Mayo with bright colors, festive imagery, and all the excitement of this joyful holiday. And as the school year comes to an end, let’s commemorate the achievements and milestones of graduation with meaningful spreads that capture this special time. 

  1. Mother’s Day tribute: Create a page dedicated to honoring and remembering your mother, grandmother or any mother figure in your life.

  2. May Flowers: Make a page with illustrations of various spring flowers and their meanings, or add photos of your favorite flowers.

  3. Summer Bucket List: Start brainstorming and planning all the things you want to do this summer.

  4. Picnic Planning: Plan and track your outdoor picnics, barbecues and gatherings with friends and family.

  5. May Memories: Keep a record of special memories and moments from the month of May.

  6. Outdoor Adventure: Plan and track your outdoor adventures and hikes, or add photos and memories of past adventures.




It’s time to soak up the sun and show some love for the important dads in our lives in June! First, let’s get into the summer spirit with spreads filled with beach balls, sunflowers, and all the symbols of this warm and joyful season. Then, let’s honor our dads on Father’s Day with special spreads filled with personal tributes and memories. 

  1. Summer Bucket List: Make a list of summer activities and cross them off as you go.
  2. Garden Tracker: Keep track of what you plant and when, and note down how they’re growing.
  3. Picnic Planner: Plan and keep track of your picnics.
  4. Road Trip Planner: Plan and keep track of your road trips.
  5. Summer Reading List: Keep track of the books you want to read this summer.
  6. Summer Outfits: Plan and keep track of your summer outfits.
  7. Summer Vacation: Plan and keep track of your summer vacation.



Get ready to make this summer one to remember! Let’s start by planning and tracking all of our amazing vacation plans and adventures. Then, let’s motivate ourselves to stay active and healthy with spreads focused on our health and fitness goals. Finally, let’s create a summer bucket list filled with fun activities and experiences, and use our spreads to track our progress and make sure we make the most of the summer months. 

  1. Summer Vacation Plans: Plan and track your summer vacation, including travel plans, accommodations, and activities.

  2. Beach Theme: Create a beach-themed layout with drawings of seashells, sand, and waves.

  3. Summer Movies: Create a list of summer movies you want to watch and check them off as you watch them.

  4. Ice Cream Tracker: Create a page to track the different types of ice cream you try throughout the month.

  5. Barbecue Recipes: Write down your favorite barbecue recipes and try out new ones throughout the month.



Get ready to take on the new school year in style! Let’s start by prepping and planning with some creative back to school spreads. Then, let’s reflect on all the amazing memories and adventures of the summer with end of summer spreads. And, why not continue the adventure with some nature and camping-themed spreads for all our outdoor activities? Lastly, let’s make sure to track every moment of our summer vacation with a Summer Vacation Tracker spread. 

  1. Summer Reading List: Keep a list of all the books you want to read during the summer months.
  2. Garden Tracker: If you have a garden, use your bullet journal to track what plants you have and how they are growing.

  3. Grilling Recipes: Create a page for all your favorite grilling recipes and ideas.

  4. Summer Music Playlist: Keep a list of all the songs you want to listen to this summer.

  5. Summer Outfit Ideas: Document your favorite summer outfits and create a list of new clothing items you want to buy.

  6. Summer Fitness Plan: Create a page to track your fitness goals for the summer months.

  7. Summer Cocktail Recipes: Keep a list of all the refreshing drinks you want to make during the hot summer months.


Get ready to cozy up with some autumn vibes! Let’s start by creating spreads inspired by the changing leaves and all things pumpkin spice. Then, let’s take a moment to honor and appreciate the hard-working people in our lives with some Labor Day spreads. And, let’s make this season even more exciting by starting a book club and keeping track of all the books we want to read and our discussion plans with some dedicated book club spreads. With these warm and inviting spreads, we’ll be all set for a cozy and fulfilling autumn season. So, let’s get started!

  1. Back to School Layout: Create a layout to track your academic goals and schedules.
  2. Harvest Tracker: Keep track of all the produce you harvest in your garden in September.
  3. Labor Day Celebrations: Document your Labor Day plans and activities.
  4. Apple Picking Adventure: Create a page to document your apple picking adventures.
  5. Autumn Leaves Collection: Draw or paste autumn leaves and create a layout to showcase your collection.
  6. Autumn Equinox: Reflect on the changing seasons and your personal growth with a special layout for the autumn equinox.
  7. September Memories: Create a monthly spread to document your favorite memories from the month of September.
  8. Football Season Tracker: Create a spread to keep track of your favorite football team’s schedule and scores.


Get ready to embrace the cozy vibes of fall! First, let’s celebrate the season with some stunning autumn-themed spreads, complete with falling leaves and the scents of pumpkin spice. Next, Don’t forget about the spookiest holiday of the year – let’s get creative with some Halloween spreads filled with festive and spooky imagery. Finally, let’s show our support and raise awareness for a good cause with Breast Cancer Awareness Month spreads.

  1. Halloween Planning: Plan your Halloween costumes, decorations, and party with a dedicated page in your bullet journal.

  2. Harvest & Autumn Celebrations: Track your favorite fall activities, such as apple picking, pumpkin carving, and other harvest festivals.

  3. Spooky Movie & Book List: Make a list of spooky movies and books to enjoy during the month of October.

  4. Fall Recipes: Collect and jot down your favorite fall recipes, such as pumpkin pie, apple cider, and warm soups.

  5. Ghost Story Collection: Write down ghost stories you’ve heard, either real or fictional, to keep and read during the spooky season.

  6. Costume Brainstorming: Brainstorm costume ideas for Halloween and jot down any inspirations or plans.

  7. Decorating Ideas: Jot down ideas for autumn-themed home decorations, such as autumn leaves, acorns, and pumpkins.


Get ready to spread some gratitude and holiday cheer with these amazing November bujo ideas! First up, let’s create some inspiring Thanksgiving spreads filled with thankful quotes and autumnal imagery. Then, it’s time to get ready for the most wonderful time of the year with some festive and organized Christmas and holiday planning spreads. With these creative spreads, we’ll be able to soak up all the joy and gratitude of the season, and make the most of the holidays. So, grab your pens and let’s get started!

  1. Harvest Tracker: Keep track of the fruits and vegetables you’ve harvested from your garden.

  2. Holiday Gift List: Keep track of gift ideas and plan ahead for holiday gift giving.

  3. November Memories: Capture the special moments and memories of the month.

  4. November Mood Tracker: Keep track of your mood and emotions each day.

  5. Daily Weather Log: Document the weather conditions for each day of the month.

  6. November Meal Planner: Plan and track your meals for the month, including holiday recipes.

  7. Cozy Reading List: Create a reading list of books to curl up with during the cooler months.

  8. Autumn Bucket List: Jot down all the fun activities you want to do before the season ends.




Get ready to ring in the holiday season in style!!! Let’s start by getting into the festive spirit with some gorgeous Christmas and holiday spreads, filled with bright colors and joyful imagery. Then, as the year comes to a close, let’s take some time to reflect on all that we’ve accomplished and set intentions for the new year with some amazing New Year’s Eve spreads. And, because the holidays are all about giving, let’s make sure to plan and track our gift-giving and expenses with some thoughtful gift-giving and budget tracking spreads. With these wonderful spreads, we’ll be ready to make the most of the holiday season, filled with joy, gratitude, and organization. 

  1. December Calendar: Create a calendar spread for the month of December and highlight important dates and events.

  2. Christmas Planning: Plan out your Christmas preparations, including gift lists, shopping lists, and festive activities.

  3. Holiday Budget: Keep track of your holiday expenses, including gifts, decorations, and festivities.

  4. Holiday Card Making: Hand Make your holiday cards, add simple doodles, illustrations and express your love to your friends and families.

  5. Holiday Movies and Books: Create a list of your favorite holiday movies and books to enjoy during the month of December.

  6. Winter Bucket List: Create a winter bucket list, filled with activities you would like to do during the winter season.

  7. Christmas Gift Tracker: Keep track of the gifts you have purchased, who they are for, and the budget for each person.


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